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Sat 3rd Oct 2020

Fruits form an important part of any healthy eating pattern and are the source of many vital nutrients, including potassium, folate (folic acid) and antioxidants. Yet, it seems that, on average,the  only 14% of population eats 2 portions of fruits per day.

In our class we will show you how to increase fruit consumption, how easy it is to smuggle them over the day to different meals, not only desserts, but also savoury dishes.

Eating whole fruit promotes good health and can lower the risk of many serious diseases. Join our 'Fruity Class' to learn how to prepare delicious dishes from fruits.

We will prepare 4 dishes :

1 Fruity Rawnola for Breakfast - a raw and quick alternative to granola

2 Curried Fruity Quinoa Salad - perfect for lunch

3. Mango chili salsa - a great side dish for burgers, sandwiches or tacos

4 Strawberry mousse - light and fruity dessert

Sat 19th Sep 2020

Healthy eating is not only grass and tofu, you also need some indulging, we just have to avoid sugar, high fat pastries or ultra processed baked goods. At this class we will show you how to prepare healthy desserts without compromising on favour.

We will show you how to prepare satisfying desserts which will also nourish your body.

We will prepare a rich and creamy chocolate mousse with  raw cacao powder which in it's raw form has significant health benefits.

I will also show you how to bake high protein chocolate brownies without processed sugar - a perfect snack after your fitness training.

Sat 5th Sep 2020

'Middle Eastern Classics' - vegetables, legumes, spices - all that you need to prepare Shakshuka and Koshari.

(Eggless) Shakshuka: This dish of Tunisian origin is an extremely popular breakfast dish worldwide. A staple in Israel, it is considered a significant competitor to Falafel and hummus for the title of ‘best Israeli dish’. Shakshuka translates to ‘all mixed up’– a melange of fresh vegetables and aromatic spices, using chickpea flour to replace the traditional eggs.

Koshari: This Egyptian street food is the perfect lock down dish - – a genius way to use pantry staples or leftovers - a comforting bowl of rice, lentils, chickpeas, along with a few other secret ingredients which we will share with you during the class.

Sat 29th Aug 2020

The first in our new series of online webinars - How to form healthy eating habits, where we will offer you healthier diet advice, to create a routine in your kitchen and share some practical tips to help you to stick to your newly formed habits. These small changes will be a first stop in your journey to healthier eating.

Sat 22nd Aug 2020

Our first class will focus on dairy, where we will show you how to prepare milk free dishes. 100% plant based mozarella will be a perfect addition to your salads, sandwiches or pizza. Our version is packed with iron, selenium and zinc. Mac&cheese is an ultra comfort food, but has a reputation as a junk food. We will show you how easy is to transform this dish to a nutritious and delicious treat.

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