Polish plant based vegan cooking class

March 2020

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Welcome to the delights of central Eurpean cooking


We will prepare 3 plant based dishes which can be easily replicated at home. They will give an introduction to meat free versions of Polish cooking.




  1. Borscht (barszcz). Its popularity has spread throughout Eastern Europe and the former Russian Empire, and – by way of migration – to other continents. Borscht due to its abundance of vegetables it is rich in vitamins and antioxidants. Beetroot gives it its trademark vibrant, pink color which makes this dish so appetizing !

  2. Main dish Cauliflower cutlets. Most famous polish cutlets are made from ground meat but veggie one can be as flavorsome. It can be very surprising what you can do with a humble cauliflower.

  3.  Dessert - polish chocolate pudding - BUDYŃ. Healthy twist of the childhood desert, made of millet so it's packed with proteins, and still very rich and chocolatey


This class will be hands-on , we are going to cook everything from scratch, with fresh local produce .

After the class please stay to enjoy your food or take it home with you to eat there. You will also receive a set of the recipes so you will be able to replicate them and treat your family and friends.

Cooking together can be really enjoyable !


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