Best Restaurants in Singapore - 2020 - by LivingveggiebyAnia

In 2020 going to restaurant was for me one of the biggest pleasures and favourite form of entertainment. Each visit was akin to a mini trip - Instead of travelling I could go and try different cuisines here in Singapore.

I would like to share with you my personal ranking of my 10 favourite restaurants in Singapore. It’s very relative, as it covers my personal preferences and bias. My significant half is not vegan hence often we choose venues which serve both my vegan delicious dishes and his dairy/meat options. I hope it will help you when looking for a new dining space.

Food is just a part of the experience of eating at a restaurant, ambience, décor and service are very important to me. Hence some eating venues with great food, but not friendly or well informed staff are not included. (Out of politeness I won’t share the names of these places, but if anyone from the F&B industry is reading my article please train your staff to smile, it doesn’t cost you anything but changes everything for your guests)

2020 has been difficult, F&B businesses in Singapore suffered a lot – reduced capacity, 10.30pm ban on alcohol sales, 1 m social distancing and lack of tourists. However as of January 2021 all the restaurants from the list below are still open so you can go and check their vegan options.

Just a comment, this is not a sponsored article and all the restaurants bills were paid entirely by myself.

1 Shabestan

My absolute favourite in Singapore…but I love Persian food. Their vegan menu was a result of a slow evolution – and end product is absolutely amazing. You can choose from among Persian and Arabic appetizers (try their mirza ghasemi – my personal choice always). Their vegan menu also offers a choice of 4 salads. Salad Shirazi is a Persian classic – simple tomatoes, cucumber and onion with a Persian twist – absolutely delicious, I always order it as a side. Zeytooneh Parvadeh is another dish worth to try, as it’s only in Persain cuisine where you can try olives marinated in a walnut and pomegranate paste.

Persian cuisine is famous for its stews and Shabestan include them in their dedicated vegan menu. Ghorme sabzi is the national dish of Iran – a unique blend of herbs, dried limes and beans, an absolutely must try if you would like to try some unique to Persia. The herbs here are used not as an addition to the dish but as the base ingredients for texture and flavour.

For those with gluten intolerance please note that Shabestan also offers a dedicated gluten free menu

I love the decor in Shabestan, it does ‘glow’ in the evening, beautiful lights an